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The home of Avonbank Fishing Club


Opening date for season 2018 will be Saturday 10th March. Closing date will be reconsidered later, but at the moment remains Sunday 4th November.

Our official last day of season 2018 is Sunday 4th November. However, the loch will continue to be open, ON WEEKENDS ONLY, thru till Sunday 2nd December. This hopefully gives some compensation for the loss of fishing at the start of the season when we had to endure the snow. Please note this only applies to Saturdays and Sundays - the loch will remain closed Mondays to Fridays

The Reservoir is set in the heart of Central Scotland, and situated close to the village of Polmont. It consists of eight acres of superbly stocked water, which is surrounded by natural woodland and shares a boundary with the picturesque Grangemouth Golf Club.

The Reservoir is easily accessed by foot and vehicular transport and offers a full range for the discerning angler. There is ample parking space for all anglers, with disabled parking spaces close to the jetty.

The Reservoir is the home of Avonbank Fishing Club and is administered by the serving committee of the club.

The fishery is flyfishing only and caters for both bank and boat fishing.

The water is stocked primarily with fully finned hard fighting Rainbow Trout, with a sprinkling of Brown Trout to enhance the resident Brown Trout population. Some of these Brown Trout are now reaching double figures. Last year, as in previous years, hard-fighting Blue Trout were also included in the stocking programme.

The average Rainbow being caught at Millhall exceeds 2lbs in weight and double figure trout are regularly caught at the fishery.