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Catch Reports 2021

November 1st 2021
The final week of the season has come and gone with relatively low numbers of anglers venturing forth on the reservoir. Those anglers who did fish were rewarded with good bags of fish, with some of the bigger fish, which have been in hiding recently, putting in an appearance.

Although it has been a lot colder, there were plenty of fish showing on the surface and anglers fishing dry flies had good sport. Best of the dries were Daddy Long Legs, with CDCs and small Boobies on floating lines all tempting fish. Egg flies, Apps Bloodworms and buzzers fished under an indicator also caught fish. Best lures were all black, with Rabbits, Dancers and Nomads doing the business.

Most anglers this week fished on a catch and release basis, with A Cormack returning 9 fish, while J Wilson and T Morgan returned 10 fish each. G Thompson returned 7 fish, including a nice rainbow estimated at 6lbs, while T Jones returned 5 fish, with a brown trout close to double figures.

Anglers should be aware that we shall remain open at weekends only till the end of November (weather permitting)

October 25th 2021
As the weather continues to cool down, the reservoir continues to fish well to all methods. The shallower areas of the loch have been fishing well to floating and midge tip lines using Buzzers, Bloodworms, Diawl Bachs, Eggs and buoyant Blobs (FABs), and a variety of dry flies such as CDCs, Sedges, Daddies and Klinkhammers. The deeper water, along the dam wall, and from the boats, while still effective on floating lines, has fished very well to intermediate and slow sink lines with an assortment of lures such as Damsels, Ally McCoist, Rabbits and Blobs added to the successful flies.

B Brogan, I Baird, D Muir, G Sneddon, R Chapman, A Wiley and K Lewis all weighed in limit bags of 4 fish ranging in weight from 7lbs 8oz to 11lbs 8oz, while successful catch and release anglers were W Turnbull and A Cormack who both returned 9 fish, with J Thomson returning 10 fish and D Duncan and B Sutherland both returning 12 fish.

Anglers should be aware that our season officially ends on Sunday 31st October. However we shall remain open at weekends only till the end of November (weather permitting)

October 18th 2021
Catch and release anglers have been doing particularly well this week, with high numbers being recorded by many anglers. A Cormack returned 9 fish, W Brownlie, M Buchanan and F Dunlop each returning 10 fish while L Hunter, R Gray, J Thomson and B Sutherland all returned 12 fish each. On standard catch and kill tickets D Muir weighed in a limit of 4 fish for 8lbs, matched by R Chapman who also weighed in 4 fish weighing 8lbs, while T Brogan went a little better with 4 fish weighing 8lbs 8oz.

Fish were caught from all areas of the loch, with the boats being very successful from the middle of the water. Floating lines were best with lots of fish showing in the top few feet, although intermediate and sinking lines took fish from the deeper areas along the dam. Buzzers, Diawl Bachs, Kate McLarens and Crunchers all scored, with Hoppers, Daddies and CDCs also taking fish for anglers fishing dries. Eggs, Damsels, Ally McCoists and Dancers were best for those anglers using lures.

Anglers should be aware that our season officially ends on Sunday 31st October. However we shall remain open at weekends only till the end of November (weather permitting)

October 11th 2021
Everyone has been catching fish at the loch from experienced anglers to beginners. Fish have been coming to many different flies at all depths of the water. Sinking and intermediate lines scored with Damsels, Rabbits, Shammies, Blobs and Boobies, while Buzzers, Eggs, Diawl Bachs, PTNs, Daddies, CDCs and Hoppers worked on Floating and Midge-tip lines. Many fish have been taken from the deeper water along the Dam and toward the middle of the loch, while the bigger fish (including some nice Brownies) came from the shallow weedier golf club end.

Catch and release anglers doing well were A Cormack, F Aitchison and B Sutherland who all returned limit bags of 12 fish each, followed closely by B Sives and J Thomson who both returned 11 fish, with I Moodie returning 9 and J Morton, J Allan and G McEntee each returning 8 fish. R Chapman weighed in his limit bag of 4 fish weighing 8lbs, as did D Muir, I MacDonald and K Lewis while A Forbes and D Duncan went a little better by each taking 4 fish weighing 8lbs8oz.

October 4th 2021
The cooler weather has the fish active and feeding well at the loch. Fish are being caught from all parts of the loch and at a variety of depths. During sunny periods the fish have been dropping deeper in the water with intermediate and slow sinking lines being successful, and when cloudy and dull conditions prevailed fish were rising freely at the surface and floating lines were best. Successful flies ranged from lures like Damsels, Rabbits, Dancers and Blobs to dry flies such as Daddies, Sedges and CDCs and nymphs like Diawl Bachs, PTNs, Crunchers and Buzzers.

Good catches went to J Kelly with 4 fish weighing 9lbs, with W Begg and E Westerley each having 4 fish weighing 9lbs 8oz.
On catch and release good catches went to J Bulloch, D Robertson and J Hood who each returned 9 fish, with I Penman and J Lithgow returning 10 fish each. I Paul returned 11 fish while W Turnbull, D Bradshaw and A Golding each returned 12 fish.

Visiting club Broxburn AC had a fine day with their 6 rods weighing in 23 fish totalling 41lbs.

September 20th 2021
The cooler and wetter weather has brought the fish hard onto the feed and this has been reflected in the catches of anglers. Plenty of limit bags and high returns for catch and release anglers were the norm this week. B Brogan had his 4 fish bag weighing 8lbs 12oz, and G Bell also had 8lbs 12oz in his 4 fish bag. A Beattie had a 2 fish limit weighing 6lbs 8oz. E Hughton had 9lbs 8oz in his 4 fish bag, and J Taylor also weighed in 4 fish for 9lbs 8oz. Fishing catch and release, W Brownlie returned 7 and then 10 fish over 2 visits. T Ireland returned 8 fish, while J Frickleton and J Morton both returned 8 fish each. M Buchanan also returned 10 fish.

Best flies were Eggs and Buzzers fished under an indicator, followed by Bloodworm, Damsel, Rabbit, Viva, Kate McLaren, Sedge, Hopper, Daddy Long Legs and Diawl Bach. Floating and midge-tip lines did the trick on the shallower parts of the loch, while intermediates scored in the deeper water off the dam.

September 13th 2021
The loch fished extremely well this week with lots of limit bags and high numbers of fish on catch and release. Floating and midge-tip lines did best with intermediate and sinking lines accounting for fewer fish. Lots of different flies worked, with success coming to Daddy Long Legs, Ace of Spades, Diawl Bach, Buzzers, Eggs and Damsels.

B Brogan had 4 fish weighing 8lbs, J Johnson had his 4fish weighing 9lbs, while B Smithson and T Drake each weighed in 4 fish weighing 9lbs 8oz. On catch and release J Sanders returned 6 fish, A Knox, J Morton and J Bridais each returned 8 fish, J Thomson returned 9 fish while D Bullen, B Henderson and B Sutherland each returned 12 fish. J Allan also returned 12 fish including a double figure rainbow estimated over 12lbs.

Of the visiting clubs, Butcher Boys AC weighed in 61 fish weighing 115lbs 8oz to their 20 rods, and Barry's AC recorded 21 fish weighing 45lbs, with a further 24 fish returned to their 8 rods.

September 6th 2021
With the nights 'fair drawing in' our evening sessions have now closed for this season. The day sessions (9.00- 16.00hrs) will continue as normal.

There are lots of club bookings over the next few weeks and anglers are recommended to check availability of boats and spaces prior to turning up at the fishery.

The cooler weather has helped the algae which has been present lately. It has now gone and the water has become gin clear. The result has been a surge in both insect and weed growth and the trout have been feeding hard, with this reflected in the numbers of fish brought to the net.

K Lewis weighed in his 4 fish for 8lbs, as did W Young, while G Wilson had his 4 fish weighing 9lbs 8oz and P Smart managed 4 fish weighing 10lbs. Catch and release anglers doing well were P Buchanan and C McCabe who returned 7 fish each, while R Turnbull and G McCarroll each returned 8 fish. Top scores went to R Weir, S Bourke and B Sutherland who each returned 12 fish.

Of the visiting clubs, Linlithgow AC weighed in 38 fish weighing 63lbs 8oz to their 13 rods and Airdrie Fly Fishers whose 11 rods returned 43 fish on catch and release.

August 30th 2021
Sunbathing weather and flyfishing are not known as the best of friends, and that was certainly true at the loch this week. On days when the sun blazed down there were few fish feeding and few anglers were successful. Yet, on those duller cloudy days, fish were feeding heavily and lots of fish came to the net. Most fish were taken on floating or midge-tip lines in the top few feet of the water. Best flies were Buzzers, PTNs, Diawl Bachs, Cormorants, Hoppers and CDC dry flies. Egg flies fished under an indicator also accounted for lots of fish at times. Intermediate and slow sinking lines produced fish to Damsel Nymphs, Bloodworms and black Rabbit lures.

Limit bags went to brothers S Johnson and J Johnson who each weighed in 4 fish weighing 8lbs. T Muirhead had 4 fish weighing 8lbs 8oz, with his brother weighing in 4 fish weighing 9lbs. B Gribble also had 4 fish weighing 8lbs 8oz
On catch and release, J Allan and J Thomson each returned 8 fish, with A Cormack returning 9 fish and B Sutherland returning 12 fish.

August 23rd 2021
The loch is fishing very well at present, with lots of 4 fish limits being weighed in and high numbers of fish returned for catch and release anglers. The cooler weather has put the fish back onto the feed and good sport has been had from all areas. Fish have been rising freely, although still a little wary taking dry flies on the surface, but sub surface tactics, especially in the top few feet of the water have been producing the best results. Top flies this week were Buzzers, Diawl Bachs, Cormorants, Kate McLarens and sunken Daddies and Hoppers. Best lures were Damsels, Ally McCoists and Cats Whiskers.

Limit bags went to J Morton, K Lewis and P Smiley who each weighed in 4 fish weighing 8lbs, while D Duncan, D Mannion and D Gilmour each weighed in 4 fish weighing 8lbs 8oz, with R Chapman going a little better with 4 fish weighing 9lbs. On catch and release, A Doyle, G McNee, A McLeary and A Ross all returned 8 fish each, while P Tanner and J Thomson both returned 9 fish and B Sutherland returned 12 fish.

August 16th 2021
As the water in the loch cools down due to the cooler weather, the fish have been more active and feeding more readily, and with the weekly stocking now restarted, the result has been that catches have picked up considerably this week. The fish have been more spread out in the water column and have been caught at a variety of depths from the surface to the bottom. Top tactics remained Buzzers on a floating line, albeit more of those catches were from a good few feet down. Lures began to take more fish, with midge-tip and intermediate lines being successful when the fish were willing to chase flies. Damsels, Cats Whiskers and Yellow Dancers were the best of these patterns.

D Muir and J Muir had a good day with both anglers weighing in 4 fish weighing 8lbs apiece. J Walker had his 4 fish weighing 9lbs 8oz and I Smith had his 4 fish weighing 10lbs 8oz. Catch and release anglers doing well were I Penman and D Risk who each returned 12 fish, R Hall who returned 10 fish, J Stalker who returned 9 fish and A Cormack and S Easton who each returned 8 fish.

August 9th 2021
The fishing remains difficult for most anglers at the loch. There have been lots of fish rising, but the fish have been swirling and trying to drown flies rather than eating them and the result has been many 'missed' fish on dry flies. This has also been happening to anglers fishing sub-surface with anglers reporting very gentle bites and more 'missed' fish. Buzzers fished static and small lures pulled quickly have been the most consistent methods, although numbers of fish coming to the net have been low, with few limit bags taken.
Best bags went to W Smillie with 4 fish weighing 9lbs, A Smith with 4 fish weighing 9lbs 8oz and B Johnson with 4 fish weighing 10lbs 8oz. Catch of the week went to R Cochrane who returned 10 fish on catch and release.
On Sunday we had the return leg of an inter-fishery competition when a team of Millhall regulars took on a team from Falkland fishery. Millhall was the victor recording 20 fish to Falkland's 17 fish. Top rods on the day were B Gair and R Cooper with 7 fish each. Millhall also won the first leg at Falkland fishery, therefore retaining the trophy.

August 2nd 2021
Conditions at the loch continue to make the fishing hard at present. Water temperatures make it seem more like a warm bath than a fishing loch, while the removal of areas of heavy weed from the top of the loch and the following reduction of the density of green algae has resulted in a marked improvement in the clarity of the water.
Fish have been feeding in short spells rather than throughout the day and many anglers commented that they had long periods of inactivity then bursts of action when they had lots of offers.
Most successful anglers reported catching their fish in the top couple of feet and on small dark flies and lures. Buzzers, Cormorants and small Rabbits caught more fish than anything else.
Catches tended to be in ones, twos and threes rather than heavy bags of fish, with only a few anglers getting the better of things. Beat catches of the week went to B Dewar who returned 12 fish, A Burns who returned 10 fish and H Watson who returned 9 fish.

July 19th 2021
The fishing has been hard on the loch this week, with many anglers reporting slow sport as the blazing sun has been beating down on them. Fish are still showing at the surface, but tempting them has been problematic. Small dry flies and emergers have been getting interest and swirls, but few fish hooked. Buzzers have been working, especially when large numbers of flies have been hatching off. Lures have also been working, with the attraction of movement giving success at quieter times.

Of course, as some anglers struggle, others manage to coax lots of fish into the net. Good bags went to R Baillie who weighed in 4 fish weighing 8lbs 8oz, I McDaid had 3 fish weighing 8lbs, T Buchan had 4 fish weighing 10lbs, L Ross and G Temple both had 4 fish weighing 9lbs 8oz and J Carson had 9lbs in his 4 fish.
On catch and release, M Buchanan returned 7 and then 9 fish on 2 visits, while J Thomson and B Sutherland had an excellent day on the boat, returning 10 and 12 fish respectively.

July 12th 2021
Mixed results continue at the loch, with some anglers struggling while others are reporting great sport. Early mornings and late evenings seem to be the most prolific times when sport can be hectic, although the fish appear to switch off totally at times through the day. Buzzers, Bloodworm, Diawl Bach, CDCs and Snatchers have been the the best imitative patterns, with Dancers, Rabbits, Cats Whiskers and Damsels working for the lure guys.
Good bags from A Gibb who had his 4 fish weighing 10lbs, H Broadfoot had 4 for 9lbs 8oz, A Pound had 4 for 9lbs and W Ball had his 4 fish for 8lbs then returned a cracking Brown Trout of approx 6lbs on catch and release. J Morton got in on the big fish act when he returned a 5lb plus Rainbow, and Mr Watters had the best fish of the week - a lovely 9lb Rainbow.

Catch and release anglers also doing well were B Gair who returned 10 fish, whilst his grandfather W Gair returned 9. A Cormack, Mr Martin and S Andrews all returned 8 fish apiece.

July 5th 2021
There have been lots of fish moving on top although they have been a bit tricky to tempt to take anglers flies. Buzzers have given the most consistent sport, fished in the top few feet of the water, with small lures like Damsels and Rabbits also taking fish. During the brighter, sunny spells those anglers who went a bit deeper were the most successful, with Buzzers still doing the business.

Good bags went to J Brockie who weighed in 4 fish weighing 9lbs 8 oz, T Stirling had his 4 fish weighing 10lbs, with A Smith and T Johnstone each weighing in 4 fish weighing 11lbs. On catch and release, S Bell, J Morton, J Allan and R Cochrane all returned 8 fish each, while J Thomson returned 9 fish and A Vass managed 11. Best fish of the week went to W Brownlie who returned a cracking rainbow of well over 10lbs.

June 28th 2021
The loch continues to fish steadily although some anglers have been having difficulties finding the depth of feeding fish. With changing conditions, the fish have been moving up and down in the water, from holding deep in sunny bright periods to feeding on or very close to the surface when there was duller cloud cover. It sometimes took a bit of time and effort to get that feeding depth correct, but then fish came to the net readily. Best flies were Buzzers and small nymphs such as Diawl Bachs on floating lines during dull periods, switching to midge tip and intermediate lines when it was bright. Smaller lures such as Damsels and Rabbits also worked well, again on floating lines when dull and going deeper when it was bright.

I Calcott had the best fish of the week with a nice Rainbow of 10lbs, while good bags went to J Morton who had his 4 fish weighing 11lbs, with G Snedden having 4 fish weighing 9lbs, and J Wilson with 4 fish weighing 10lbs. On catch and release, G Miller, S Higgins and I Bradfield each returned 9 fish, while P Shaw, C Auld and L Macdonald each returned 8 fish and M Buchanan, H Wood and R Abram each returned 7 fish.

The Rainbow Trophy competition had 10 anglers weighing in a total of 34 fish weighing over 68lbs. It was won by G Miller with A Doyle in second place and D Connell in third place.

June 6th 2021
With the warmer weather, the insect life in the loch has kicked into high gear with some huge hatches of fly, in particular large olives and small black gnats. The trout have quickly locked on to this abundance of food and when the smaller gnats are hatching it can be frustrating to anglers to have so many fish rising in front of them and yet not easy to catch. On the other hand, when the large olives are hatching, the trout will readily take both buzzers and dry flies.

Top tactics this week have been buzzers and small nymphs on floating lines, with dry flies (CDC shuttlecocks and Daddy Long Legs) when cloud covered the sun.
The deeper water along the dam produced lots of fish during periods of extended bright sun, with anglers going to intermediate lines and small lures fished slowly.

B Martin weighed in a 4 fish limit weighing 9lbs, A Wilson had his 4 fish weighing 9lbs 8oz, as did M Smith and P Hall, S Martin had 4 fish weighing 8lbs 8oz and K Hardie had his 4 fish weighing 10lbs.
On catch and release, M Buchanan returned 9 and 12 fish on two visits, A Stewart and W Gair both returned 11 fish and S Bell returned 9 fish.

May 24th 2021
Trout fishing can drive you bonkers at times, with some anglers struggling for a fish or two, while others were reporting great sport with lots of offers. If you were in the right place when the conditions gave us good hatches of small grey flies, pulling traditional wet flies through the surface on floating lines had the fish chasing and boiling at the flies. Daddy Long Legs, Kate McLarens, Bibios and Wingless Wickhams were successful for Messrs Thomson and Sutherland who each returned 12 fish, and reported many more offers. K Heenan got in on the act, returning 10 fish, caught on Hoppers and Buzzers, while R Blues and J Naismith each returned 8 fish, with J Allan returning 7 fish.

The other side of the coin had C Black and L Bunce each returning 9 fish, but this time pulling Snakes on sinking lines. So it pays to completely change tactics when you are not doing so well.

On kill tickets, J Morton weighed in a limit bag of 4 fish weighing 9lbs 8oz, while G Snedden had 3 fish weighing 8lbs. All of the anglers who caught fish reported that while the fish were a little smaller, they fought like champions and provided great sport.

May 17th 2021
With the weather more settled this week, the loch continued to fish well, and the trout seemed a lot more willing to forego their previous few weeks fixation on Buzzers and were caught on a wide variety of flies and lures, fished at various depths on both floating and sinking lines. While Buzzers still accounted for fish, Egg patterns, Diawl Bachs, PTNs, Bloodworms, CDC Shuttlecocks, Sedges, Daddy Long Legs, Damsels, Dancers and Blobs all were successful for the anglers using them.

A few of the catch and release anglers doing well were I White, A Doyle and J Wilson who each returned 8 fish, while M Buchanan managed to return 10 fish, with S Paige returning 11 and M Bonar and A Cormack both returning 12 fish.
D Muir and D Sneddon both weighed in limit bags of 4 fish weighing 9lbs, while G Anderson had 4 fish weighing 9lbs 11oz and D White had his 4 fish weighing in at 10lbs 4oz.

The Flybox Trophy competition was fished on Sunday with 10 anglers weighing in a total of 32 fish weighing 64lbs. R Gray finished in 3rd place, with G Anderson 2nd and B Sutherland was the winner.

May 10th 2021
Wild swings in conditions, with bright sunshine, lashing rain, flat calms and howling gales, add in the occasional hailstones and you have the last week at Millhall. Buzzers remain the top fish taker, although sometimes it took a while to find the feeding depth as the fish moved up and down in the water. Changing the point fly from surface patterns thru unweighted to weighted flies allowed anglers to find the correct depths at the appropriate times. Black and Black/Red buzzers are still proving hard to beat, although dry flies such as CDCs and Hoppers took fish well when surface feeding fish were showing. As ever, lures still took some fish, with Damsels, Dancers and Bloodworms top choices.

Limit bags of 4 fish went to B Brogan, A Watson, B Watson, C Ramsey, A Burns, R Reilley and W Bailey with weights of 8 to 10.5lbs. Catch and Release anglers doing well were W Bailey and W Brownlie who each returned 9 fish, J Stocker and R Cochrane who each returned 10 fish, while A Cormack, R White, D Couper, R Greirson, B Gair and M Bonnar each returned 12 fish.

Season Ticket holders should note that the Flybox Trophy competition will be fished on Sunday 16th May day session (9.00- 16.00). Boats will still be available and may be booked at the cabin on 01324 714190.

May 3rd 2021
The loch continued its fine form this week with many anglers weighing in limit bags or high numbers on catch and release. By far the best flies were Buzzers, with black and red topping the catches. When fish were showing consistently on the surface, washing line tactics with a dry fly on the point and a couple of Buzzers on droppers was very good, and when the fish dropped deeper in the water straight-lining a team of Buzzers was the most successful tactic. Of course, other flies took fish throughout the week, with lures such as Damsels, Rabbits, Ace of Spades and Bloodworms accounting for fish, while small imitative patterns like Diawl Bachs and PTNs also scored well.

B Brogan, I Calcott, K Lewis, J Mitchell, J Stein, J Stewart and W Brownlie were among the anglers recording limit bags of 4 fish weighing between 9 to 11lbs, while R Davie, M Gilhooley, A Cormack, D Maillor, W Gair, M Barker, D Duncan, S Paige, D Tullis, R Cochrane, R Gray, F Aitchison, S Hamill and D Reid were among those recording numbers of between 9 to 12 fish each returned on catch and release.

April 26th 2021
The loch fished well this week, with the water finally reaching crystal clear condition, the fish have been feeding hard on big hatches of buzzers. When there was a ripple, or even a hint of cloud cover, the fish were well up in the water, as the amount of rises testified. Only during glaring bright sunshine did they go a bit deeper, and the anglers who got their depths right consistently caught fish.
Buzzers were by far the most successful flies, although Egg Flies and Diawl Bachs scored well too. Best of the lures were Damsels, Apps Bloodworms and Yellow Dancers.

Good bags went to I McDonald, A Lawson and D Duncan, who each weighed in limit bags of 4 fish weighing 9lbs. Catch and release anglers got into the action with D Tully and R Couper returning 9 fish each, W Brownlie, A Easton, L McDonald, A McAuley and J McGill each returned 10 fish, and R Blues, W Gair and R Gray each returned 12 fish.

April 19th 2021
Warmer weather had big hatches of insects coming off the loch, with lots of fish showing at the surface taking advantage of this food source. When the sun was bright, the fish seemed to switch off, but when it got duller they started rising all over the place. The fishing was easy at times, with Buzzers, Diawl Bachs and PTNs being the most successful flies, although Apps Bloodworms and Damsels also worked well in the deeper areas.

Catch and release anglers doing well were R Weir, S Niblo, J Martin and R Anderson who each returned 12 fish, with R Wright having 11 fish, F Aitchison with 10 fish, and D Talbot and R Hill returning 9 fish each. G Shepherd weighed in a nice bag of 4 fish weighing 10lbs 8oz and the best fish of the week went to Mr Savage with a nice rainbow of 10lbs 8oz.

The Millhall Salver was fished on Sunday with all 10 anglers catching limit bags of 4 fish each. B Sutherland was 1st, with R Gray 2nd and G Anderson 3rd.

April 12th 2021
Cold and frosty mornings gave way to bright and sunny conditions most days this week. The fish were well up in the water early on, then went deeper when the sun came out, only to come up in the water during periods when clouds covered the sun.

T Smith returned 8 fish on Crunchers, W Brownlie returned 9 fish on Diawl Bachs, R Gray returned 12 fish also on Diawl Bachs, and R Anderson returned 12 fish on Apps Bloodworm.
J Milne and J Taylor both weighed in 4 fish each weighing 8lbs, while G Snedden and D Muir both had 2 fish weighing 8lbs each. Novice angler T Robb took advice from the cabin staff and tied on an Apps Bloodworm to catch his very first 2 rainbow trout on a fly rod - well done mate, it only gets better from now on.

April 5th 2021
Make sure you bring your box of Buzzers if you are coming to fish the loch. Diawl Bachs, PTNs, Egg flies, Damsels and Black Rabbits all caught fish this week, but the fish are feeding hard on Buzzers at present and they are outfishing everything else. During warm, sunny spells there were huge swarms of flies hatching off, especially on the Fir Wood shore, and the trout were homed in on them.

Best fish of the week went to J McCallum who had a lovely Rainbow Trout of 7lbs on a size 16 Copper Buzzer. J Milne, R Woods and D Duncan all had 4 fish each, all weighing in at 10lbs, while J Bryant came close with his 4 fish weighing 9lbs.
On catch and release, J McGill and J Jack both returned 12 fish each, with J Dougall returning 11, and A Cormack and W Turnbull both returning 9 fish.

Our evening sessions, (16.30 till dusk) begin on Saturday 10th April and given some warmer evenings should start to produce some good sport on dry flies.

March 29th 2021
The usual Scottish spring weather this week gave the anglers conditions ranging from calm, bright and sunny to cold, wet and windy, with some frosts and hailstones thrown in. The rains and wind resulted in fairly coloured water but the fish continued to feed well, particularly on the windward bank along the fir wood side, and the deeper water along the dam also started to fish well. Buzzers and nymphs like Diawl Bachs and PTNs scored well, as did Cormorants and Bloodworms, while Egg flies and Cat bugs fished under an indicator produced plenty of fish. Small lures continued to work well, with Black Rabbits, Damsels and Ally McCoists being best.

Catch and release anglers doing well were C Drake, A Cormack, D Risk and I Dobbie who returned limit bags of 12 fish each, while B Salmond weighed in his 4 fish limit weighing 10lbs, with R Kennedy having 4 fish weighing 9lbs 6oz, D Bell's 4 fish weighed 9lbs 3oz and A Dobbie had his 4 fish weighing 9lbs 2oz.

March 22nd 2021
With more settled weather, the loch has fished steadily this week. Floating and Midge-tip lines coupled with smaller, imitative flies have been the most successful combinations, although Intermediate lines and lures still accounted for plenty of fish. Fish remained high in the water and at times there were substantial numbers of fish rising to hatching insects. Dry flies like small Hoppers and CDCs caught fish when a rise came on, although a 'washing line' with a couple of buzzers or nymphs teamed with a dry fly on the point was exceptionally good. Black or dark Traffic Light Buzzers and Red or Blue Diawl Bachs worked well, as did Red or Green Cormorants.

Limit bags went to J Muir, who had his 4 fish limit weighing 9lbs, D Bell whose 4 fish weighed 9lbs 3oz, R Kennedy who had 4 fish weighing 9lbs 6oz, followed by B Snedden and A Lawson who each had 4 fish weighing 8lbs 8oz. On catch and release, C Drake and B Gair each returned 12 fish and A Cormack managed 8 fish.

March 15th 2021
Cold, wet and windy weather made the fishing challenging at times this week, although it did not seem to put the fish off at all. Saturday was a busy day with 31 anglers recording a total of 87 fish, with local club Alexanders AC having 43 fish to their 14 rods, including a rainbow of 12lbs to S Bennie. The wind picked up on Sunday with fewer anglers on the water, but those prepared to punch into the wind still recorded good bags with B Sutherland returning 12 and R Gray returning 10 fish.

Most successful flies were Ally McCoist, Hot-head Damsel, Black Rabbit, Cormorants and Diawl Bachs with a lot of fish to be found tucked in tight on the exposed windward bank. While floating lines were still catching, intermediate and midge-tip lines accounted for the majority of fish.

March 8th 2021
With the first full week of the 2021 season under our belts, the loch continues to fish well. Despite colder conditions the 71 anglers who visited Millhall this week caught a credible 258 fish, of which almost 200 were returned to the water.

Several excellent browns in the 4-6lb class were taken again this weekend whilst novice angler E Alexander had a fine 12lb overwintered rainbow to add to the 10lb one he had last Saturday. Mr Jordan got in on the act with another fine rainbow of 13lbs, while catch and release anglers accounted for good bags with C Mulholland and C Old each returning 9 fish, B Gair and M Ezzi each returned 8 fish and R Gray had 7 fish.

Small darker flies and mini lures accounted for most fish, with several good baskets also coming to static buzzers

March 1st 2021
The 2021 season opened on Saturday at the loch. Conditions were fine over the weekend and this was reflected in the number of anglers on both Saturday and Sunday. A total of 68 anglers caught 344 fish over the two days, with the majority fishing catch and release, and most fish returned safely to the water.

Some of the best catches were A Doyle and I Dobbie with 11 fish each, while A McAdam and J McGill had 12 fish each. R Baird and C Randall managed 10 fish each. Some fine overwintered specimen fish put in an appearance with double figure Rainbows falling to F Alexander and C Mulholland. Junior angler M Anderson had a 10lb Rainbow, while two 2 Brownies of 4lbs & 6lbs and the largest Rainbow of the day, a cracker of 15lbs went to A Doyle.
4 other Rainbows over 8lb were caught, along with a further two 4lb plus Brownies, all of which were over wintered fish.

Successful flies were Diawl Bachs, Cormorants, small Black Lures, Egg flies fished under an indicator, and Bloodworms.

Season Tickets are now available from the cabin and give a substantial saving over the cost of day tickets for those anglers who fish the loch often.